Dipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLO

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Dipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLODipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLODipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLODipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLODipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLODipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLODipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLODipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLODipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLO


Dipinto del XX secolo di MAURICE UTRILLO
"Maisons avec des arbres" oil on cardboard 68 x 52 cm

The painting is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity by JACQUES DUPIN

Maurice Utrillo, born Maurice Valadon (26 December 1883 - 5 November 1955), was a Frenchman who specialized in urban landscapes. Born in the Montmartre district of Paris, France, Utrillo is one of the few famous Montmartre painters who were born there.
Utrillo was the son of the artist Suzanne Valadon (born Marie-Clémentine Valadon), who was then an eighteen-year-old model. He never revealed who his son's father was; speculation exists that it was the result of a relationship with an equally young amateur painter named Boissy, or with the established painter, Pierre-Cécile Puvis de Chavannes, or even with Renoir. In 1891 a Spanish artist, Miguel Utrillo y Molins, signed a legal document that recognized paternity, although the question remains as to whether he was actually the father of the child.
He soon showed real artistic talent. Without training beyond what his mother had taught him, he designed and painted what he saw in Montmartre. After 1910, his work attracted critical attention and in 1920 was internationally acclaimed. In 1928, the French government awarded him the Cross of the Legion of Honor. Throughout his life, however, he was repeatedly interned in an asylum.
In maturity Utrillo became fervently religious and in 1935, at the age of fifty-two, he married Lucie Valore and moved to Le Vesinet, just outside Paris. At that time, he was too ill to work in the open air and began to paint landscapes seen from windows, postcards and souvenirs.
Although his life was plagued by alcoholism, he lived until he was seventy. Maurice Utrillo died on 5 November 1955 in the Hotel Splendid in Dax [7] of a lung disease, and was buried in the Cimetière Saint-Vincent in Montmartre.

Jacques Dupin (March 4, 1927, Privas, Ardèche - October 27, 2012, Paris) was a French poet, art critic and co-founder of L'éphemère magazine.
 Dupin was born in the city of Privas in southern France, where his father was a psychiatrist in a state psychiatric hospital. In 1944, the family moved to Paris, where, in 1950, the poet René Char helped him to publish his first collection of poems.
In 1966, he co-founded the quarterly poetry L'Éphémère, with poets including André du Bouchet, Yves Bonnefoy and Paul Celan.
He was director of the publication at the Galerie Maeght, which represented Joan Miró, a close friend. The gallery also represented Marc Chagall, Alberto Giacometti, Francis Bacon and Wassily Kandinsky. Giacometti and Bacon have both painted his portrait.
Dupin wrote Miró's biography, numerous monographs on the artist's work, and was authorized by Miró's family to be the only authenticating authority of the artist's work; a role that made him highly sought after by collectors. In 1987, Dupin was the curator of a retrospective of Miró's work at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the first retrospective in New York since 1959.
Origin. Private collection


Codice lotto: cod. D 182
Materiale: olio su Cartone
Misure: 68 X 52
Condizioni: ottime
Autore: Maurice Utrillo
Provenienza: Collezione Privata
Prezzo: 0


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